Mario vs. SNES Mario is the first Super Mario Fanon Adventures book by logofanful.


Chapter One: What is this in the envelope?Edit

At World 1-1, Mario (SNES version) ran to Koopa Troopa.

"Mario", Koopa asked.

"What?" Mario said.

"Go back where you are?"

"Where am I going back".

"To the start".


Meanwhile, Bowser escaped back to the castle to see his son.

"Bowser Junior, I send an envelope at the start", he asked.

"Why is an envelope at the start?" Bowser Junior asked.

"Because I will send Mario to the 3D world".

Orange appeared, staring at him. Bowser screamed, "A smiley orange?"

"Yeah, can you do this? Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nya, nyah, nyah!" Orange asked, laughing.

"I don't think that is a good idea, smiley orange".

"You will call me, Orange", Orange laughed, "Can you do this? Nyah, nyah, nyah---".

Bowser kicked him out of the castle. He laughed and giggled.

Meanwhile back at World 1-1, Mario checked in the envelope. He opened a card and read through it. The card read:

Dear Mario,

I will take you to the 3-D World and get Mario.

From Bowser.

"Huh", Mario said, anxiously, "Bowser had to take me to the three-dimensional to get Mario".

"Are you going to get any fight idea?" Koopa asked.

"Maybe, I would meet Bowser now", Mario explained.

"Okay, c'mon let's go", Koopa answered.

We walked away from the position.

Chapter Two: Chat With Rosalina In The Star FestvialEdit

In the Star Festival, Mario (now version) put more Toads onto the PATSY 2000. He took onto the screen. Then he shut and pressed start.

"What are you doing with PATSY 2000, Mario?" Normal Toad asked.

"I am trying to get some more Toads to invite the festival", Mario explained.

"More Toads?"

"It's coming, just wait".

PASTY 2000 was doing crazy and stopped. We heard the sound of 'ding'. The twelve new Toads went out of PATSY 2000.

"Where am I?" New Toads said, nerviously.

"In the Star Festival", Mario answered.

Meanwhile at the menu course in Super Mario Galaxy, the two semi-circles flew to and trapping Rosalina inside. It was a circle!

She screamed, "Help me, let me out! H-E-L-P-E-E!" Then she laughed evily.

Mario ran into the library.

"Librarian", he asked.

"What, Mario? What?" Librarian said.

"I got 12 new Toads", Mario asked.


"The 12 new Toads came from PATSY 2000".

"PATSY 2000? I used that as a kid. I put some more Toads and Bowser".

"Where did Bowser born?"

"At my place in the castle. He was born by PATSY 2000".

"Are you kidding me, Librarian?"


"When did Bowser born?"

"In 1985".

"Whoa, it was the same year as NES' Super Mario Bros. released as well but I am older than Bowser".

"I introduced Bowser and became an enemy of me".

"Whoa, I will get going".

"Good luck, see you one day, Mario".

Mario went out and saw the circle (from galaxy) sat the edge of the fountain. The circle felled out and broke into two semi-circles. Rosalina and her star popped out of it.

"Rosalina...!" he surprised, giving her a hug.

"I miss you, Mario. Do you miss me?" she cried.

"Yes", Mario answered.

"Where is your brother, Luigi?"

"In the Mushroom Kingdom, helping the pipes to get fixed".

"How old are you now, Mario?"

"I am 57 years old".

"How old is Bowser?"

"He's 26 years old".

"I thought that he is over 50 years old but no".

"I am 31 years older than him".


"Bowser might know all of schoolworks when he was 0 year old".

Bowser came towards them.

"Hello, Mario and Rosalina", he said, waving.

"Hi, I was talking to Rosalina about you", Mario asked, "Bowser".

"What?" Bowser said.

"Look left".

Bowser looked towards PATSY 2000.

"Are you born with PATSY 2000", Mario asked.

"No", Bowser asked.

"You born by PATSY 2000 and you are 26 years old", Mario answered.

"No, I did not. I was born in the underworld dungeon. I'm over 50 years old now", Bowser asked, "Goodbye".

"Goodbye, Bowser", Mario and Rosalina said.

"Well, Bowser said he was born in the dungeon", she asked.

"Bowser is like about 67 years old but I think", Mario said.

"Well, maybe", she answered, "I am going to Princess Peach's Castle now".

"Good luck with Peach, Rosalina".

"Well, I will see you next two days, Mario", she said, walking away.